Mini Muffins!

So today I took a break from my dress to skirt creation to make something awesome-- MINI MUFFINS!

I told the hubby I'd make breakfast for him today and there would be a big, little surprise. I hate to tell him that there will be a big surprise, because to me it was a big surprise; but big surprises to him are much better, and I did not want him to be let down since the surprise was so tiny in the literal sense. (I think he was secretly hoping the surprise would be chocolate because he is obsessed but at least he was not completely disappointed.)

I have this awesome muffin pan because of operation cupcake day that took place at my local B&W Starbucks; I created tiny cupcakes for all our beloved customers a few months back to celebrate our five years at our location. Therefore, I decided it was time to get more use out of this awesome pan, hence, muffin day at the Hopewell household.

What a wonderful way to start the day with mini muffins :)

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