And so it begins...

Project #1:
Turning an old dress into a rad new skirt. 

I've been researching some ideas online for some ideas to how one might start this project and I'm pretty excited about this one! I bought this dress on a clearance rack for a mere $5-- pretty nice find I do say myself. However I feel that this particular dress style has gone horribly out of style since purchased 3 years back. I'm so bad at getting rid of things too; ask my husband, I have bags and bags of clothes that I've been meaning to attempt to sell elsewhere and have still ceased to do so. So why not take something old and make it new? I have dreams of this fabulous outfit-- cute, Chinese  inspired skirt-- preferably high waisted with a cute black shirt tucked in and grey leggings underneath finished off with comfy, flat, black boots. Let's see how this goes...

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