Mission Accomplished:

Not exactly posted at midnight, but it's the thought that counts right?

I did it! I can officially say I sewed something useful:

However, might I add, this was quite an adventure:
First off, the first rule of sewing I learned is making sure you have good scissors to use; ones not like this:

 Obvious lesson-- if you use crappy scissors, you will get crappy cuts.

Second, I learned that, hey, there is a zipper on the side and this is an issue especially if this is the area one is planning to cut down- what does one do with a zipper. First I tried cutting it out; but I also realized that in order to take out a zipper properly, you need proper equipment such as oh, maybe a stitch remover/seam ripper{which if you haven't guessed at this point, I didn't own one}. Thinking quickly, I decided my best option at this point was to cut through the zipper and fold it over in a manner to which it would not be bulky but also not ruin the zipper {since I still have yet to figure out how to replace zippers if damaged}. Thankfully, this worked wonderfully and the sewing part itself was not that bad.

 I was actually quite impressed, especially since this was the same girl who every week would bring her Home Ec. teacher to the point of frustration. This frustration would usually lead to the teacher completing the project for the student.

Things were looking good, I was quite delighted and excited to see my finished project on; however, I forgot that pride goes before the fall and I had a quick lesson of humility. I go to put on the new skirt to realize that my torso was much smaller than the empire waist of the original dress, therefore making the top of the skirt look awkward on me.

 [[Not a very cute sight.]]

I started to get frustrated and ideas of elastic came to mind; I was reaching my wits end and did not know what to do next. Thank goodness for friends like Cookie! She pointed out to me that I simply had to bring in the skirt a little instead of doing something that would definitely ruin the skirt, as I had originally planned. She is a clever one.  I gave it and shot, and it worked! Now I have a pretty skirt that I will actually wear instead of an outdated dress that I was going to discard.

Project one, COMPLETE. Moving on to the next phase :)

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