Awkward & Awesome Thursday

So here it is, once again, Thursday...
I won't lie, I kind of like Thursdays a little because I know it will be Friday the day after & that makes me excited :)
What a week it's been--
-The fact that it's been at least 2 weeks [if not longer] since I've last done laundry & I STILL have enough clothes clean to get me through another week or so [Well, except for my socks, I am wearing two different ones as we speak]
-When I say something to a customer & it comes out wrong & I try to fix it, to only make things worse...such an uncomfortable moment-- most definately awkward.
-So we got a new hand dryer at work & I love the fact that we are becoming more about eco-friendly items [which I am all for], but this dryer always freaks me out when I subconsciously go to get paper towels & instead get blasted by an intense amount of hot air [Not to mention when your bum accidentally sets it off while you're trying to wash your hands]:
*See? It even warns you of it's extreme behavior*
-Having your friend bring her biology book to a hockey game-- but in her defense, this was an AWESOME awkward type of moment-- Ladies, if your looking to pick up guys, bring YOUR bio book to a sports game- Seriously guys, she was a total hit!

-Getting my first massage, seriously, this was one of the best moments of my life! If you live in the Columbus area, you gotta check out my friend Ryan, she's awesome as well as reasonably priced {Especially you runners}! []
-Having a day at work where everything just seemed to flow so smoothly, thanks guys!
-My dad being in town
-Getting a letter in the mail from a dear friend.
-Having my mother-in-law come in to town-- Seriously, I am so blessed. She is beyond awesome.

See you all tomorrow!

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  1. I've used those dryers before and they are the BEST!! I want one in my house. Ha! That is too funny that guys were into the bio book at the game!

  2. I am yet to have a massage, but I am going to get one very soon!!!

    Monique xx


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