Do It Yourself: Shopping Bag

So funny story.
Yesterday I went to go write my blog & I'm pretty sure I fell asleep...
All I remember was waking up on the floor...

Anyways-- Hey! I finished my project finalllllllly.
Here is my new fun & awesome Eco-friendly shopping bag:

I love it because it was super easy to make & I have another tote bag that cost me absolutely nothing
Here's how you can make your own:

1. Find an old t-shirt that you don't mind putting to good use-- I went with this one because it is horribly boxy so I figured it would be great for extra bag space.

2. Flip the t-shirt inside out & pin up the bottom so that it keeps aligned
 [I have my pins closer to the bottom because I was hand stitching everything since I still have yet to learn how to use a sewing machine]

3. Watch Cake Boss & sew sew sew till the bottom is completely closed up

4. Next, cut off the sleeves

5. Then take a medium size bowl and mark around the collar area with a marker-- This will help to make your bag opening bigger and more convenient for use [As you can see, I was um kind of off the first time I marked it, so I just readjusted the markings and my opening is errr a  little wider than originally planned]

6. FINISHED! Now go save some plastic by reusing this awesome little bag! 
{Thanks MARTHA STEWART for this great idea}

Also, here is a little view into our day yesterday:

*Notice the "awesome" things you can do with the left over collar of the shirt {Tank had a bonnet thing on earlier made from the sleeve of the shirt, but D. took it off saying something along the lines of "inhumanity"-whatever.}*

D. insisted we model pose-- {America's Next Top Model here we come}!

Come Visit Tomorrow to See the Next Project!

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  1. The bag looks lovely :)..Saw some like that in a vintage store the other day and they were selling them! :)..Btw like the last pic of you two.. completely cute :)
    with love from Ak <3

  2. Anonymous4/03/2011

    Love this little "happy Place" blog of yours Heidi!!! :) looking forward to the next adventure!!! <3
    Shellie M.

  3. Haha I did the same thing to Lona with the leftover material from my Tshirt bag. Sheee hated it. O well :)


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