D.I.Y. Braided Infinity Scarf

3 Broken needles later, I have done it, I have turned a pillowcase into a scarf:

First, Cut the material into strips-- however thick you want the braid to be, the larger you will cut the strips. I chose a mix between an inch across and a half an inch across {Note what I am watching: I really love Ellen :) }. I recommend also using jersey knit in comparison to other material types-- doesn't fray plus it stretches very easily.
Second: Stretch out the material so that the strips self-roll to keep from showing any possible jagging edges caused by cutting the material.
Third: Braid the strands together-- again, use a lot of the strips together if you are looking for a bigger, thicker braid and vise versa. I did a few single strands and a few 2-3 strands.
Once finished, combine the strands together-- I recommend sew them together. Obviously, I am not a very good sewer, hence the next step.
With the leftover strands of material, I sewed them underneath and them wrapped them around were I sewed the strands together to hide my "excellent" sewing capabilities.
 I then secured the end of the strands underneath with a few simple stitches in the same color as the scarf.
End results 
The finished outfit- LOVE IT!

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  1. Erika Miller3/15/2011

    That is awesome! too bad I don't have any pillowcases to do that with!!

  2. Use old T-shirts! They can work in the same manner!


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