Hopefest 5K

To all Ohio Runners:
Hey everyone, if you are looking for some races for this upcoming running season, here is one you do not want to miss!
The Hopefest not only has an early morning 5K run to participate in, but afterwards it is an all day concert event with local bands around Ohio along with their headlining band, House of Heros--
[You can visit HERE to hear some of the music playing at the event]

Price of registration for the 5K is $20 if registered by April 14th
(guaranteed T-Shirt, when registered by April 1st)
& $25 if registering the Day of Race
[Race registration also includes concert event cost]
Not too shabby.

 For more information, visit their facebook page- This link here
Or send an email to dhopewell@ohiochristian.edu

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