Potato Chips & Cookies Galore

So today I was not very good eating wise, butttt I did run so I feel that can be justified!
I really wanted potato chips today- except, I did not have potato chips,
So I made some:

Rad right?

Here's the easy way to make your own at home:

Cut up your potatoes-- The thinner the better!

Heat up some olive oil-- Add potato slices-- I tried to keep them mostly flat out in the pan so that they wouldn't stick together-- The crispier they get, the better they are!

Lay out the cooked chips on the papertowels to soak up any excess oils.

I also topped off the homemade chips with a DELICIOUS avacado sandwich-- a great substitute for vegetarians to replace lunch meat-- it may be higher in fat but it's good fats & so good for you!

I also made chocolate chip cookies and if you work with me tomorrow, there will be some for you! :)
[What a great incentive for coming to work!]

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1 comment:

  1. ... I wish I would have read this blog earlier ... because I would have come into work EARLIER to get some COOKIES!!!

    Now I'm stalking you ... LOL


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