So I have my first half marathon for the season coming up in about a month.
& I kind of have been putting off training...
I have been blaming the weather for why I haven't really started my training.
Well today was beautiful and I did not really have much of an excuse-- today I started my training.
It was actually really fun because the husband was home & the dogs needed walked, 
So Dave grabbed his landrollers & joined me outside.
So you're probably wondering, well hey Heidi, what are Landrollers anyway?
THESE are Landrollers:

Aren't they sweet?
They're roller blades only cooler.
They are awesome because they roll a lot smoother, give better control, and have the ability to make sharper turns.
Plus, they just look cool. [& are a great conversation piece]
Ever since we decided a year ago that we REALLY wanted a dog
we began to watch the Dog Whisperer so we could become amazing dog parents.
From there Dave decided he NEEDED roller blades just like Caesar from the Dog Whisperer {AKA Landrollers}
Well for my Lover's birthday, I surprised him with these bad boys--
This was him first trying them out when he got them in:

 & this was us today after a six mile adventure- I ran, the pups ran, Dave rolled:

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1 comment:

  1. Oo Heidi Lou!

    I love this blog of yours!!

    .... And those landrollers are B.A.!!!

    I shall buy some now ... :D


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