Oh I love thrifting
& last night I found out Kara had never really been.
So I decided this HAD to change.
So guess what we did?
& guess what I got for $30?
All this sweet stuff:

Yes that's right: A new dress, pencil skirt, sweater, jacket, belt, & shoes all for $30!
I can't wait to show you all these as awesome little outfits :)
Plus while we were there we met a crazy lady.
We heard about all her humps and lumps she use to have back in the day-
We heard about how she didn't believe we were really 23 {I told her we just kept our youth really well}-
We heard about how she was a beauty queen back in 6th grade-
& the whole time, poor Brittany kept getting touched on the shoulder by the creepy lady
& I kept getting awkward stares from the crazy.
Then we ran as fast as we could down the aisle to get away from her
 & kept running from her every time she found us.
I guess that's what you get for thrifting in the scarier areas of Columbus.

The rest of my day of consisted of this:

See you all tomorrow with hopefully progression towards a soap dish.

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