Time with the husband..

So being married is awesome- plain & simple, I love it! It's so great to live with your best friend & to have someone you can confide in after a long, hard day- someone to laugh & joke around with- to have someone who just GETS you. But as awesome as it is, there's still things you have to adjust to [obviously these type of things come in general living with someone else], such learning each others different mannerisms...& hair on the sink:
OH MAN. This is definitely one of those things it takes getting use to-- but thankfully I have just as many "things" that D.'s getting use to so I guess it balances itself out.

Tonight I finally get to see my husband! We haven't really had time to spend together this week because of work-- I haven't seen him at all pretty much over the last couple of days! So tonight is date night & I am excited! I'm actually trying to get this in while he grabs a quick shower so no project tonight, but you'll see something fabulous tomorrow-- I SWEAR!

With that said, please excuse me while I chase my pup down to get the banana peel from his mouth.


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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous3/26/2011

    I'm with ya, hair on the sink is GROSS! Haha


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