Smoothies & Friday Night Live

Today I was craving something delicious but knew I wanted to stick with something healthy because of all the chips I had ate earlier [Don't judge!]. I came up with this recipe that's super quick, super easy, & super delicious!
All you need is:
One banana
1 cup of vanilla yogurt [My personal favorite is Dannon All Natural]
A handful of strawberries & blackberries [Or whatever your personal favorite fruits might be]
1 tablespoon of sugar for sweetness [Or for a healthier option opt for honey-- sugar also can be less or more depending on taste]
1 cup of ice
Simply cut up fruits, add ingredients, & blend together.

Tonight D. is putting on FNL for one of his activities for student development. FNL is a spin-off version of Saturday Night Live; it's a little cleaner & unfortunately doesn't have Andy Sandberg. I'm so excited to see it-- the cast is rad & they always do such a good job!
I just wanted to share his promo pic because I think he's so cute :)
Ignore the date: That was his old one :) Isn't he cute though?

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1 comment:

  1. sounds gorgeous and like a good healthy idea - your much better than me - i probably would have had the chips and something else bad!! x


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