Happy Earth Day & Good Friday!

Yesterday I was excitedly telling my mom about Earth Day & how Starbucks was doing their annual bring in a mug, get a free coffee/tea--
Well she reminded me that it was also Good Friday as well--
Which I knew, I just guess I didn't share my excited about that,
Which I totally am--
Easter weekend is such an awe inspiring time just to reflect on the love of God:
It's a time that is so humbling in the fact that someone loved me enough, that they would die for me.
So, as excited as I am about Earth Day, I also want to remember the importance of this Sunday--

Thank you Abba.

If anyone is looking for a church to attend on Sunday come see us at Eastpointe.

& in appreciation for Earth Day, I want to share this awesome site that I looked up thanks to Joel.
Here is a place that you can find information about the CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - which gives consumers the opportunity to buy directly from farmers instead of stores and such.
This way, consumers know directly were their produce and product is from & in the same aspect, they help support local farmers in their area.
The cool thing is, is it's not just fruits & veggies, it's also soaps, livestock, dairy, etc...
How cool is that?
So check it out here & in return, if anyone has any other cool info about organic product and buying locally, please share!

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