Awesome & Awkward Thursday

Hey Friends!
Before I go into my little Thursday rant about the awesome & awkward events that take place in my life,
I'm going to show you something I did today that's awesome & awkward all at the same time.
Do you remember that scene from Yes Man where they are joggers out running and taking photos at the same time?
{If not, visit Youtube}
Well, that is what I did today:

Just thought I'd share a little love from this beautiful day.

  • Spilling Mocha all down me while trying to be helpful- this was funny in itself. It was even funnier that earlier that day I had split Passion Tea all down the front of me.
  • Trying to help a customer but lacking what they originally wanted. Trying to then help them to figure out something new to have & then having to go BACK to them to tell them we didn't have that either. Then finding something for them for a second time to only have to go back AGAIN to tell them that we had handed out someone their item & now we were out of the second thing as well. Oh boy. I'm so glad that the customer was super nice!
  • Trying to walk my dogs but Sky being super aggressive on her leash for some reason to other dogs-- it's so embarrassing having to tell people over and over again that she is really not that aggressive at all.
  • This pretty day- heck yes!
  • Wednesday, D. & I had the day off TOGETHER- this never happens!

  • Tomorrow is Good Friday & Earth Day!
    • Side Note- Bring a tumbler in to any Starbucks tomorrow {Friday, April 22, 2010} & you can get a free Hot/Iced Coffee or a Hot/Iced Tea- Can't beat that! {See Here for more info}

Peace & Love

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  1. I think u were walking on the path that goes by my house...maybe?!? Haha

  2. love these awkward & awesomes :) <3


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