Hey Monday, Welcome to the Week!

It's laundry day in the Hopewell household-
Dave finally won & I have been forced to assist in laundry duty.
I think it's because he said something about having no clothes to wear,
Whatever that means :)

Someone wants to be the center of our focus tonight though: 

&& He shoved down our clothes in protest.

Also, since the revamping of our furniture will be a slight process, 
My project for last week will be a tad extended.
So, along the lines of that, 
My project for this week is learning to reupholster furniture--
I am working to fix some stools that D. & I found along with a table that needs some work
Plus, I am helping out my friend BMac fix some couch cushions.
This should be interesting.

Back to the laundry grind.
See you in the A.M.

PS- I found $6 in my pants pocket--
Yeaaaahhhhh Big Money.

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