Oh, I love sunny days--
&& Today was one of those types of days.
I even have a mini sunburn/slight redness to prove it.

Here's a few snapshots over the last few days:

These are from our "Project Hoarded Furniture":

He wanted SO BAD to be out with us!

Not quite done, but it's all looking pretty fly.

I just loved this picture of them-- they look so intense

This is our little mini picnic outdoors this afternoon 
Loved being outdoors today!

We also had a fun little cookout with Ben & Jenn this evening [not pictured] & it was so great getting to spend time with them...
plus I won Scrabble- SCORE!

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  1. a) love diy projects and b) it looks like you had such a nice relaxing weekend outside!

    thanks for your sweet comment :)


  2. You guys seem like you have the cutest life :) That furniture all looks so great!

  3. Anonymous4/13/2011

    That's a great picture of the two dogs by the porch. I love the fact that you can see both their faces like that.

    Take care,


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