Hey Spring, Welcome to Ohio!


Spring has sprung,
The Grass has riz,
I wonder where the birdies is?

Hey Guys-- Welcome to another Thursday! Can I just start off with how good of a mood I am in? The weather here is beautiful, beautiful, B-E-A-Utiful. Spring has finally come to Ohio & all I have to say is THAT IT'S ABOUT TIME! Shoot. I think us Ohioans have been suffering long enough {This statement is extended out to all of those in similar situations who may not call Ohio "home".} So with that, let's share a little of my week:

  • Trying to be a good wife & taking the pups on a walk to only have them race around in puddles & dead animal carcasses {Yes, yes gross I know}. They came home smelly HORRIBLE- so horrible in fact that husband insisted that they HAD to take a bath. So much for "Best Wife Award" - Maybe next year! :)

  • Food in teeth at work- it's a mutual means of agreement between co-workers-- it's already bad enough when you have food in your teeth out in public; but to be working & having food in your teeth, it just sucks. This also includes when customers point out that there is splotches of unknown debris all over your face, arms, & clothes-- WHOOPSY. We all know it's coffee, syrup, & mocha...THEY DON'T.
  • Taking your hair down after being up all day- Sooooo Hott:
Such a hott mess.

  • Affirmation-- seriously. Getting affirmed on the things you have worked really hard for is the best feeling in the world. Makes me smile every time :)
  • The Office on Thursdays- BEST. SHOW. EVER. 
  • The weather & pretty picture taking:

Peace & Love

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