My New Obsession


Last night I was inspired to get up early to go running before work.
This morning I woke up late & didn't. 
Ohhhhh wellll.

I do have something to share with you though,
It's This Link Right Huurrrrr.
My friend Matthew introduced this to me today & I am already OBSESSED.
It's a little DIY blog & it's giving me so much inspiration!
Here's a couple neat ideas they have done:

First Up-
They took this chair-- 

& Sprayed it with PAINT [yes you heard me right]

& turned it in to this--

I wish I had a billion chairs around to do this with! [Okay, I may have exaggerated slightly, but really it's just so rad]

This idea is also really cool:

Taking old, rusted keys & painting them white--

& turning them into adorable wall ornaments--

So, now you know the urgency to why I must stop blogging to go read more of this blog--

Love Love Love

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