Rainy Days


Rain, rain, go away...or don't...
Today I don't  mind staying in & having a lazy morning with the pups.
I already worked today for a friend, so already I feel accomplished.
However, I promised the husband I would clean & start some painting projects...
but the pups are getting ready for their mid-day nap, soooooo welllll...
I think I may slack around just a tad longer :)

Today has been a funny morning.
While at work I chased down a customer's car to attempt at bringing them their breakfast sandwich that they had forgotten & I also heard all about a man's sleep apnea problems [He called the wrong number & didn't give me a chance to tell him he was talking to a Starbuck's barista & not a doctor]-- I recommended he should switch to decaf coffee.  
Oh, good times.

Happy Monday All!

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