Weekend Happenings...

Guess what we did this weekend?

If you were thinking Hopefest you were right {I know you totally were...not}
 [Anyone just tuning in, visit Here to actually follow what I am talking about]--
It was absolutely awesome; Here's a little preview of the event.

Here's the 5K from Saturday morning:
Ya dig how much stuff I can manage to carry all at once?
Can't really see it well, but here's our awesome war paint-- MUD all over the back of us-- Yeahhhh boy.

Top Male Competitors

Top Female Competitors- Kara placed 1st for the women & 3rd overall- WOOOHOOO
I even won a little something, something-- See the look of shock on my face?

Runners...walking? I thought it was funny :)

& Here's some from the concert that night:

Meet Kelsey Skaggs:

 & Here's David Story singing with her:

I got a chance to really talk to Kelsey after her set & this girl is awesome through and through. It's so cool to meet someone so real- so passionate about not only her music but also the value of human life. She's actively a part of Love 146 which is an organization that works towards ending child slavery and exploitation. What she had to tell me about child slavery simply shocked me & sickened me- Guys, this isn't something that just is happening in other countries across the ocean [though it IS a very HUGE issue]; it's happening HERE in the United States- For instance, Ohio is the 5th highest state! Hotels are the new "brothels"...Right in our neighborhoods, our counties, our surround areas...We can't keep ignoring the problem, by doing so, we are only fueling the fire.
Please visit LOVE 146 to see more about this as well as finding ways to how you can get involved.
& check out some of Kelsey's music HERE

Here's also another favorite for my night: HOUSE OF HEROES

I have more on my heart and mind that I want to share with you all, but I just don't seem to have the time tonight {such as NURU & more on the sex trafficking issue}- Please if you could though, keep me in your thoughts and prayers-- there's a lot I'm still trying to process and work though...

Overall though, GREAT weekend- D. did such a phenomenal job & I am an extremely proud wife :)

See you my friends!

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  1. What a fun weekend!!
    I have to congratulate Kara!!!
    See you soon!


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