Green Thumb? Possibly.


Wondering what the pups are curious about?

It's D. out planting trees!

The Arbor Day Foundation sent us some info & we donated because we love being a part of ways to help improve our environment &&

Here's what they came in- we thought it was 1 tree & it ended up being 6- So exciting :)

So that's what we did on this glorious overcast day,
My little indoor - Soon to be outdoor - garden is growing:

Overall, I'm pretty pumped.

D. & I have been talking over the last few years we can conserve & help our planet- 
The garden has always been a dream of mine & it's been pretty fun learning all the basics of how to to grow & plant assorted things.
This way, if things grow, we have all our own products to eat-
Meaning, we will know where our food is coming from & what all goes into growing them.
It also will save money on produce.
For my first year, I have looked into growing tomatoes, peppers, basil, oregano & possibly lettuce & chives.
I don't know how much of a green thumb I actually have,
But so far nothing has died,
So I take that as a good sign :)

{As always, any suggestions for growing 101 would be much appreciated- Thank ya, Thank ya}
PS- Earth Day is April 22, what are you planning on doing for the planet? I would love to hear some of your ideas & thoughts!

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  1. Ummm. Hi. So if Ashley HADN'T gotten sick and we HAD had our coffee date-I would have LOVED to talk about gardening! I'm growing tomatoes and herbs in a similar contraption like you have posted above and also-my landlord is letting me use the tiny piece of actual unpaved earth near my apartment to grow my own little garden! I got some great books at the library so you should def check some out :)

  2. Your dogs are so cute. I wish I had a space for a garden. - Giveaway today :)


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