Day 17 *Apologies from a little Crank*


I'm really starting to think yesterday wasn't my day.
I was such a little grump & in such a nasty funk.
I blame a lack of sunshine & an increase of gloomy weather-
& the fact that I just might be a little burnt out.
Plus, it didn't help that I burned my wrist with 200 degree water.
I guess karma was being her usual self and just rolling with my crankiness.
And I think I should send out a little sorry out to all my little lovelies who had to suffer through my tempermental self.

On another note, today is my little day off & I'm enjoying a little vegging out & coffee with the sis.
I say cheers to a new day! 

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  1. you look so cute... LOVE the shoes!

  2. you are too cute! Those kind of skirts are my absolute favorite! they just go with everything, and they twirl so so well!

    -Heather from


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