Day 18 *DIY - Project Shoe Revamp*


I realized I have been lacking lately on my little DIY projects, but not to fear friends, 
I have a few that I've been working on!
Today I want to share an easy way to revamp old canvas shoes:

What You'll Need:
  • An old pair of canvas shoes
  • Paint color of your choice- The darker the paint color, the better {I used Acrylic paint}
  • Something to stuff in your shoes to help them keep their shape
  • A paintbrush/sponge
  • Clear gloss spray paint
Simply place something in the shoe to help keep it's shape that you won't mind getting paint on-  wet the shoe with water {Don't soak, you don't want your paint to run down the shoe} -  & paint the shoe!
If your shoe contains prints, I recommend coating the shoe several times to make it less noticeable {NOTE: The paint won't completely cover the print on the shoe, but it will disguise it}
Once satisfied with the color, spray it will a clear gloss spray to help keep it's color.

I'm really sad- I had before & after pictures to share with you, but I can't seem to find any of the before pictures. 
All you really needed to know is that the shoes were printed with tons of multicolored hearts that would have been awesome, if little girl print is awesome.
Here's the after results- Not exactly what I had in mind, but I accidentally let my paint drip down the shoe. Needless to say, I compensated by mixing a little black and white paint to make a grayish sole of the shoe.
I'm pretty happy with the results & am excited to try another pair of shoes out!

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  1. Very cool Idea! I love a good DIY project!

  2. Great project! Gotta love a mini-makeover:-) xoxo

  3. Such a neat DIY! Very resourceful of you :D

  4. Just found your little bloggy and will def. be following along for more awesome DIY tips! You are darling, btw. Just so you know :)


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