Day 3 *My Husband. The Model.*

Can I just say that I never knew my husband was a model.
I guess his inner beast comes out during photo shoots:

Shirt - H&M
Sweater - Maurices
Jeans - Thrifted
Shoes - Chacos

On other notes, 
I need desperate plant advice.
My little plants I've been growing indoors have been growing wonderfully...
...Until this week.
Now they're wilting & I don't know why.
I've looked it up & they said it could either be possibly over watering or not enough sun exposure.
Any suggestions?
I just want my little plants to live!

Thanks all! 
Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. Anonymous5/04/2011

    For the plants, I would say not enough sun exposure! The herbs I was growing had done the same-they grew & then wilted. I had them in the porch which gets virtually no sun...But after taking my Bio class I learned that plants can sprout and grow until a certain point without much (or any) sunlight & then photosynthesis kicks in & it needs much more sun!

    I love you Heidiiii! You and Dave look AwEsOmE! :)


  2. cute! i can't wait to get my hubby to pose for me. hoping to connive him into it this weekend tee he he. good luck with the plants, i'm super new into it, so i have nothing to offer myself :) <3

  3. Anonymous5/05/2011

    Heidi- I would say you are watering them too much. They definitely need sun but you should water them when the soil is dry to touch. Be patient as they make a come back. Recovery doesn't happen over night. We are already friends on FB so if you have any more questions...Love you,
    Aunt Mary


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