Niagra Falls *NY Part V*

Welcome to Niagara Falls friends!

This was one of my favorite parts of  our trip to New York-
I've always wanted to see the Niagara Falls & was excited to actually have the chance to visit.
The power & beauty these falls hold is absolutely phenomenal.
It's definitely something I recommend for everyone to see at least once in their life!

Here's a few pointers though if you are thinking about taking a trip out to the Niagara Falls:
  1. Be prepared for the ultimate tourist trap. Though the falls themselves are beautiful, there is a lot of very touristy things that surround it and a lot of "unnecessary" things that are a part of it.
  2. Don't by the package deal for the Falls unless you want to waste an hour or so of your life. Here's the thing, there are five parts to the package deal: The Maid of the Mist boat ride, The caves tour, the trolley, the aquarium, and a movie about the Falls. The only thing we really liked about the whole package was going on the boat ride- seeing the falls upclose is absolutely incredible & worth paying for! The movie tells of a few events surround the falls, but really, it isn't anything you couldn't find googling "Awesome feats at the Niagara Falls." The trolley is really unnecessary unless you absolutely hate walking- we waited around way too long for things we could have walked to faster! The visitor center is more for you who are interested in geological facts about the falls and the aquarium doesn't really give you a whole lot to look at- most of what they had there could be appreciated at your local zoo {They do have a sea lion expo that is pretty sweet though}!  We didn't get to actually see the caves because of everything else we did, but we went by and frankly I didn't really feel that we missed a whole lot. Overall, I'm not disappointed and all by what we did, but now I know for next time what I would prefer to do!
  3. From what I hear, the Canadian side is pretty sweet. This time it wasn't possible for us to go, but I definitely want to go back to try the other side! One thing I would love to experience on the Canadian side is the fact that you can actually go BEHIND the falls- how awesome is that? There also is a place there called Niagara on the Lake that I guess is one of the prettiest places in Ontario. It was recommended to us by my aunt, but unfortunately, we just didn't get the chance to go this time.
  4. Be prepared to be surrounded by lots and lots of people- & by lots, I mean people overload.
  5. Be prepared to get wet {Kind of obvious when  you see our pictures & raincoats}- To have the most fun, you will be getting wet!

 This was us BEFORE the falls while we waited in line:

Mom with Canada in the background

THE Niagara Falls- Simply Breathtaking

This was the after picture, don't we look awesome?

 D., Kristi, and I went on a little adventure to see some of the sweet falls up close. We got SOAKED.

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