Oh, It's the Gypsy Life for Me! *NY part I*

Hi, we're the Hopewells and we will one day be your future gypsies of America:

So funny story about the first part of our little New York Journey:
See, my mom didn't want to book an expensive hotel for our first few days stay in New York where the wedding would be held,
So she was going to outsmart the area & book an RV for us to stay in at an RV park 
{she swears looked much "cuter" in the pictures online}
Well, we get there and this RV park is not one of those adorable luxury parks I think my mom might have been envisioning, but it was an actual family/peoples home turf RV parks.
It really wasn't that bad, from the majority of the families perspective,
I just don't think it was really to my mom's liking
{She threatened once or twice that she would be heading to a hotel, by herself, if it came down to it}
Personally, I really liked the idea of pretending I was a gypsy.
I'm pretty sure this is what I was destined for,
Minus what My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on TLC shows you-
{I am not destined to be a housewife & I don't really like big, extravagant, over-the-top weddings}
[No Offense]
But in the long run, we all had fun.
We enjoyed swimming & lounging & horseshoes
This was a little "disagreement" where the luggage should go- Mom thought the kitchen counter was a good option- Keeps out the "bed bugs" {or might I add, the lack of bed bugs}

We also visited some fun little places around Wilson & Corning- 
The night before the wedding we went out for pizza at this awesome little place called Atlas Brick Oven Pizza-
The options here were awesome, there were so many different & unique varieties to choose from-
I went with a California veggie that had fresh veggies & ranch- Yum!

I think my two favorite moments from this segment of the trip were all thanks to the RV park owner.
Scenario 1:
Owner: "Now make sure to keep the screen part of the door shut at all times to keep out the bats."
*Mom starts laughing, thinking the owner is pulling our chain*
Owner: in a serious tone "If you see black things fly by and run into the screen, just ignore them- that's the bats"
*Mom seems slightly horrified*
Mom: "Oh, well we have bats in Florida"
Yeah, not the ones who run into your screen door at night.

Scenario 2:
*Family is sitting on our outdoor "Porch" area enjoying the night*
Owner pulls up on his motorized scooter- Ashley jumps, almost has a heart attack
Owner tries to set up Ashley with people around camp once he hears that she's single.
Her picks?
A 16 year old camper & the owner's 40 year old son who looks just like him but with a beard [don't worry he's a doctor, plus Ashley could be the future heiress of a RV park].
He tells Ash to check out their Facebook page & choose her picks & he'll hook her up.
Oh the joys of unexpected romance in a RV park. 

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