Coffee Adventures *NY Part II*

There's something about little hole in the wall coffee shops that make me smile-
Don't get me wrong, I love my good ol' Starbucks,
But theres something about a hometown locale spot that gives me a sense of the community.

This particular spot we visited was called Soul Full Cup Coffee House-
Their chai is fabulous! 
It was a mix of honey, vanilla bean, & various spices-
Basically, Amazingness in a cup.

I also loved it's unique little touches-
The decor intermixed color with local artist pieces,
Giving a great relaxing vibe but also playfulness and trendiness.
The other thing I loved was their "Bring in Your Own Mug" Wall-
If you brought in your own cup to keep in the shop,
They would keep it clean for you-
The extra perk?
Coffee for only a $1.

Such a great way to spend a relaxing morning.

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