Welcome to the world Baby Davis!


Someone doesn't like getting their vitals read
Is he not the cutest?
D. & I rushed down today as soon as I got off of work to see him-
Congrats Greg & Whit-
We're so excited for you guys & I'm so excited to be an "Aunt" again! 

On our way back home,
We stopped to get some food & find D. a laptop bag-
Did you know that you can get Greek fast food that's pretty awesome in Polaris?
 Vegetarian pitas anyone?

I don't know if Philly Cheesesteak is technically a Greek food, but D. was content enough...{{More Cheese Please}} 

This bag was in the running- I told D. he was just trying to relive his childhood- He was excited because it was also a  backpack

These shoes use to have fringes- Not anymore- Thanks Sky

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