What Up Kids.

[So this has nothing to do with my blog post today, but I found this on pinterest & well, it kind of made me smile.]
Hey All-
Sorry about yesterday: I meant to post but instead I indulged in a 2 hour nap and then went to see my darling Joelle for some delicious dinner time & a chance to meet her little boyfriend. 
Somehow sleep, friends, & food are just too many good things to pass up on.

Todays kind of a quick uninteresting blog, 
Sorry to let you down,
But I have a lot of prepping to do because my cute parents are coming to town & we are venturing out on yet another road trip, this time to New York for my cousin Heather's wedding-
I'm pretty pumped about spending some time with a lot of people I love as well as welcoming Heather's soon.to.be. hubby into our mad craziness we can family.
Can't wait to show you some of our fun little adventures!
{Plus it's hot out today & I'm feeling a tad sluggish}

I do want to let you know that I did get stung by a bee today in my foot-
That my friends is interesting.
You're welcome.

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