The End to an Epic Adventure *NY Part VII*

Can I just say that while we were in New York it was HOT. So Hot.
The type of hot that ice cream becomes a mandatory factor.
Or in our case, some delicious custard. 

Then we decided on our last night's stay in New York to visit a place frequented by the locals.
{Might I add that I'm so glad we did.}
We went to a little place called Sunset Grill & Bar and the journey itself to get there was pretty interesting-
We saw a sign for the restaurant off of the road that we followed to find another sign to turn onto another road that lead us to yet another road to turn onto.
I seriously thought for a second or two that we were going to someone's house that night to eat instead of a restaurant.
Once we got there though, it all made sense.
The little restaurant was located right off the marina and if you eat out on the back deck, you get an awesome view of the gorgeous boats along the water
& The food was absolutely amazing-
So if you are anywhere near Wilson, New York, 
Give this place a visit-
Take a look for yourself, it will have you craving some top notch seafood and a beautiful view:

Fennel Crusted Tuna 
Chili Fried Catfish
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Poached Pear Salad
Captains Platter
*french fries*
Tuna Nachos

The next day we sadly had to have our little vacation come to an end,
But on the way home the next day, we decided we were all super hungry
{Well my mom and I at any rate}
And so we decided to stop at The Original Pancake House.
I decided that the apple pancakes sounded fabulous & when I asked the waitress about them, she warned me that they were a breakfast more for two people than for one individual.
I, however, was pretty sure that I was super hungry so I accepted the challenge.
Here's what I got:

Take about eyes being bigger than one's stomach,
However, I do want to add that I did in fact finish it.
{Thanks to D.}
I love me some vacation time.

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