Our Path Around the Whirlpool *NY Part VI*

So because of my distractions last week, I forgot the last 2 segments of our trip to New York
& Well, 
I'm kind of tired & figured this would be a good time to finish my little adventure.
Here's a few pictures from the path we hiked around the Niagara Whirlpool the day after we visited the Niagara Falls.

The weather was absolutely phenomenal & we had such a great afternoon.
We were going to tour the fort that was right around the area we were staying at,
but it was $10 a person & we figured we would just instead take pictures with the canon.
Those two love each other:
& we ended the afternoon with a race between D. & my mom-
{It was their idea}

Obviously, D. won going uphill, 

His cocky roll downhill cost him the race & my little mom ended up winning the title as champ:

 Better Luck Next Time D.

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