Buca Di Beppo

Awhile ago, our Starbucks store won an incentive for selling Frappucinos-
So how did we celebrate?
Over food obviously.
Have any of you ever been to Buca Di Beppo?
Oh it's fabulous.
It's a family style Italian restaurant that serves food in abundance.
{& when I said abundance, I mean A LOT}
So we did like 6 huge dishes + dessert & we still took food home
{I'm always okay with leftovers}
So if you haven't check out this shindig yet, go-
But go with a group, 
It will help keep the calories off,
Cause believe me,
You'll want to eat it all.

*On top of the incentive, we also took the time to celebrate the September birthday babies*
{For some reason, our store has a ton!}
Special shout out to those celebrating Septemberish type birthdays,
Especially my new second cousin Jade- 
Welcome to the world!
I'd call today a success.
Food + Friends =
One happy little H.

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