Friday & Saturday


Yesterday was a whirlwind of events-
I started out the day with the last of my training then left work to attempt to find more clothes for work:
Seriously, trying to shop for clothes that are dressy enough for work but at the same time fit on a little girl body are not easy to find. Then add in cost, and keep it reasonable priced- Yeah not happening. Not at all.
In fact,
I've been searching all week and I have hardly anything to show for it.

After work & shopping adventures,
I raced home to take care of the pups
Then left to meet up with friends for their September Birthday Bash at Big Bang Piano Bar in Columbus.
This place is awesome-
You can request any type of song and they'll play it for you-
Anything from Ke$ha to Journey to Outkast.
Oh I love it.
& to have some of my besties there to enjoy it with?

But now friends, 
Today on this glorious Saturday I'm Exhausted.
Luckily, I got to spend it watching D's volleyball girls play-
In which they totally swept the competition and came back with two wins.
I call that a good end to a day and D's cookout with me later will be the icing to the cake.


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