DIY Revamped Candles

When D. & I first moved into our house, one thing I loved about our new place was the extra space we had above the cupboards in our kitchen.
Obviously, I went with a coffee/cafe theme since I am a lover of all things coffee related.
When I originally put up some things here and there I knew it was missing something, hence the candles that sat up above.
However, because they were white, they kind of blended in with the back walls.

I debated for a time what to do with the candles- Do I buy new ones? How can I revamp these?
Finally I saw an idea on pinterest, & I ran with it.
Originally I was going to go with this idea:
However, I only had one box of crayons,
So here's what I did instead:
1. I melted an assortment of crayons together- Different crayons each time for a little different effect.

 2. Once the crayons melted, I placed the bottom of the candle into the melted crayons:

 3. Then I put some aluminum foil into the sink placed the candle on it, and dripped the crayon wax on to the candle until I reached the desire effect:
I'm totally loving the finishing effect:

Hope you all are having a good weekend,
Right now I'm recovering from a 16 mile run and spending a little downtime with pizza & ice cream.

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