Monday Night Shindig

Tonight we had over the volleyball girls for a little cookout shindig.
It was fun having them all together in one place & I love getting a chance to connect with each of them-
They are such awesome girls!
Seriously though, they are a lot fun & it was great getting a chance to do something special for them
{& a chance for them to escape cafeteria food}

[[Can I just add too that girls can eat. I mean really eat.]]
{Especially when they're athletes & their coach ran them through an intense practice that evening.}

Afterwards, D. & I sat around munching on broccoli and sipping on leftover lemonade reminiscing on the evening and smiling at the fact that we hope we can create an outside place for the girls to just come and relax. A place for them to connect outside of school. A place where they can just simply be...

I hope we accomplished this tonight.

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