A little A&A for this Thursday

Shirt - Thrifted
Vest - Walmart
Jeggings/Shoes - Target

  • Wearing a shirt with oil stains and not realizing it until making it into the office.
  • People in your blind spot who you almost hit- It always makes me look like such a jerk but I swear I didn't see them as I almost rammed into their car-- I'm not into the whole knocking people off the road bit...I swear!
  • When you bite into a bruised spot in an apple. Bleh
  • D. sudden obsession with country music and his odd usage of "ya'll"
  • The leaves- the glorious fall leaves!
  • My marathon this weekend- If any of you are in the Columbus area, please come support!
  • Halloween- I love dressing up in costumes! Anyone have a great costume idea- What are you all going as?
  • Tonight I went to a rally for Herman Cain, who is in the running for Presidency; I'm not big at all into politics, but I thought it was cool to attend my first Presidential rally. I like hearing the hearts of people and at this stage of campaigning, it's a lot more raw and legit.
  • All the delicious apples mom and dad brought me home from New York!

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1 comment:

  1. Well, I got a chuckle about the country comment :) THis year for halloween I am reusing an old costume but changing it up a bit :) I will be tinker bell yet again (a less vixen-ish version of her, that is) :) I am looking forward to it and its a character that my students will recognize :) It should be fun! As always, love reading your blog


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