Why I Hate When D Is Gone:

I hate when D is gone because...
  • I lack motivation to cook actual meals, therefore, my dinners consist of chips & dip and ice cream
  • I make jokes out loud but no one is there to give me a look like 'that's not really funny.' ...except the dogs, but they don't really count.
  • There is no one here to keep my feet warm
  • I have urges to cook lots of dessert but no one to eat them
  • There was no late morning breakfast times or cuddle session today
  • I indulge in guilty pleasures like Gossip Girl and Cosmo magazines 
  • I've had to take the cold morning shifts to walk the pups-- It makes me appreciate D all the more for usually taking these shifts.
  • Bottom line though...I just miss him...a lot.
Hopefully these will entice him to come home sooner:
{T-Minus 6 Hours}

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous10/31/2011

    making jokes out loud when no one is around is a great way to perfect them, even if they are awkward/not funny lol :) (i do it all the time)


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