Tonight D.  & I met the volleyball girls for a little fro yo and some chatting time.
We had a blast,
& the fro yo?
Always good.

One thing we talked about were proposals,
The cute & the not so cute.
A lot of us agreed that we prefer a more intimate setting for an engagement proposal-
Ya know, not a lot of people around... 
More thoughtful, less showy.
Not to get me wrong, there are some really fun ones out there,
Like these:

thoughtful & adorable

Yet there's others like these:

Now that's embarrassing.

D.'s proposal to me was perfect;
It was all the things we loved to do... 
The simplicity of everything that defined our relationship.

The best part to me?
The vulnerability that went into the proposal--
Him knowing he was putting himself out there,
 knowing at that moment his heart was completely on the line...
Willing to risk all just because he loved me,
Because he wanted to spend his life with me and only me.
...It was perfect.

How about you guys?
What are your thoughts on wedding proposals?
How would you want to be proposed to/how were you proposed to?
These are some of my most favorite stories :)

Oh & PS,
Don't forget about the GIVEAWAY.

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  1. I I love following your blog and I am so glad that you posted this! Wedding proposals are one of my favorite things! They just make me so happy (except for the ones in the last video you posted haha).
    I am still waiting to find my man :) I know that God is going to give me someone who knows me well enough to propose in a way that is beyond something I can think up.
    I am excited to hear what your followers say; how they were proposed to/want to be.

  2. I feel ya-- they are one of my favorite stories people have to share :)

  3. I don't know if this will work but here is my proposal story...if it's too long the pic pretty much sums it up!!


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