A few thoughts on marriage

It's not the big things that destroy a marriage,
But the small things we hold back, that we keep secret.
You're marriage doesn't fall apart overnight,
But it's those moments that we forget to share and communicate that cause destruction.

Hug your spouse tonight.
Sit down and have a good conversation with them.
Never forget to tell them you love them.
Let them know when you're not feeling love.
Let them know when you feel surrounded by love.
Show your frustration, talk about what bothers you.
Let them know all the many reasons they bring joy to your life.
Reveal and reflect.
Open up.
Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Don't approach out of wrath, but come from a place of kindness, love, and patience.
They are your best friend for life.
Your companion.
Your heart.
Your soul.

Don't give up when it's easy, but be willing to fight.
Fight for your marriage.


Just a few thought for you all.
Sleep tight friends.

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1 comment:

  1. So very true--- one quote from our wedding reading was marriages don't fail, people fail. Communication is so important!! Great post.


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