A few thoughts on lover's spats and other sappy things.

Something I really hate about relationships is the fighting that comes with it; and being a woman, I admit, I tend to be a bit over-dramatic and emotional sometimes most of the time. So there probably tends to be more fights that happen in my relationship than necessary. I know on numerous occasions I don't always react in the best manner and sometimes I make things into a much bigger deal than I should.
I think its because sometimes I just want D to feel as I feel and the reality is, that just doesn't always happen. I've learned over the years, men just do not feel and relate emotionally the same way women do. They are just not designed to think and feel that way. 
And somethings I've learned is that it's okay to sometimes be overly emotional but understanding that   I have to give time for those emotions to process.
Sometimes those emotions need my asking for forgiveness and sometimes I have to let those emotions sink in for D to understand and work through those emotions with me.
I've learned too that fighting can be one of the best things for a relationship, as long as it's handled correctly and communicated efficiently. I believe fighting makes couples learn to be intentional; it forces us into communication and it makes us address things that we otherwise would try to suppress. it can be healthy to vent, to work through, and then let it go.In my opinion, fighting is just one of those things that shows we are not perfect and that we have flaws and that we are human and that we can only learn by growing.
And I know, shocker, D and I aren't perfect.
But we love each other, 
And because of that, we work through things.
We show sympathy, we show humility, and we show patience.
To me, that's all part of being married and making that love real and making that love solid.
And I think the things I've learned the most from fighting is that I sure am bullheaded and D is bullheaded, but we are so good at overcoming that bullheadedness, when we do it together.

D, I love you...I've always loved you...and I will love you forever and eternity.
I'm thankful for our relationship and I'm thankful for your continuous love.
I promise that I will always strive to be the woman you need, always and forever.
I promise too, that I will always try my best to communicate, to be patient, and to be understanding.
I will learn to find humility in my arguments and I will not allow myself to think the worst in you but rather, to see you for the person you truly are.  
I love you purely and simply.

....okay you all can stop gagging now, 
I'm done.

Happy Thursday-thank goodness it's almost Friday- Day.

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  1. great post.. it's always good to hear that other couples fight to. Without a doubt my husband is my soulmate, but we had one such spat on the weekend, one of our worst, and this post is just so true. Thanks!

    1. I agree, it's just so nice to know sometimes that we are experiencing these marriage ventures alone :)

  2. Believe you me, Doug and I know all about this! haha. I think it's healthy to fight, obviously not all the time, and not heated fights that keep you separated. But enough that it reminds you that you are still individuals and see things differently...but MAN, it'd be so nice if Doug would join my side...the right side...hahahah!


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