Holiday Wish List

Dear D. Mom Dad Santa,
Before I begin, I just want to point out that I was ridiculously good pretty good this year
besides the moment(s) where I said a few choice words to the individual(s) who cut me off
Nonetheless, I've tried really hard
if you still feel I qualify for this year's Christmas,
Here are a few things I would LOVE:
1. A new pair of sunglasses
 2. A road bike 
3. A rose-gold watch 
4. A leather jacket 
5. New skinny jeans 
6.   A pretty scarf 
7. Nude heels 
8. Pretty rings 
9. My own rock-climbing shoes 
10. Awesome wedges 
11. A new laptop bag 
12. A rad tattoo

{Of course I would prefer if you didn't pay full price on any of it: I'm not afraid of a good Amazon find}

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  1. love the sunglasses.

    rock climbing shoes, eh? cool.

  2. Ahhh Im hoping they get ya number Four..Pertay legit =)


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