Important life lessons

In case you were wondering, here is what I look like at work:
& in case you were wondering, here is where baby comes from:
well let's not be TOO obvious, Siri. I think that's kind of a given.

OH, and here is the meaning of life:

This is what I do all day.
Ask thought provoking questions and take sophisticated "working hard" photos.
Just kidding,
I really do work hard.

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  1. Anonymous12/15/2011

    Hahahahaha! Oh man, I love Siri! We have the fake version "Iris" on our Android phones and she never answers the question lol I can't wait to upgrqade to a 4s soon!!!!

  2. You only added that "I really do work hard" statement just in case your boss is a blogger hahaha


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