Jacket- gift
Dress - Kmart
Tights/Shoes/Watch - Target
Earrings - NY&C

Oh Monday,
You've found me again.
Isn't it funny how quickly the weekend vanishes and the next week creeps up on you? I feel like I never have enough time to enjoy the weekend; it's gone before I know it!

D's has one of those dreaded long work days going on tonight, so for right now it's the pups and I just chilling at our little homestead.
I'm eating a chicken-less chicken salad and the pups are fighting tiredness by slowly trying to destroy everything they get their little paws on, including my tights. They kind of destroyed them the moment I walked through the door thanks to Sky's claws.
::Oh joy::
A nice little treat though was walking into the door and seeing D. had deep cleaned all our carpets-
He's a keeper, that one.

Want a suggestion for fighting off the Monday blues?
Make a yummy cup of hot chocolate.
That's what I'm about to do.
Here's to Tuesday!

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  1. I totally agree on the hot chocolate - only way to beat Monday blues!

    Just found your blog - so cute!

    lace, etc.

    1. Thank you! Welcome :)

      I'm thinking tonight is a Monday Hot Chocolate sort of night as well!


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