So I got a chance to participate in one of the coolest blog events.


What we did is each person interested in participating got paired up with another blogger.
Once we were paired up with a blogger,
We got a chance to connect and learn about the blogger and put together a fun little care package for a post New Year's gift. 
Isn't that such a neat idea?

I was paired with Megan from It's Good To Be Queen--
Not only is she super adorable but she is so much fun!
I had a great time emailing back and forth with her getting to know more about her.
I feel we have a lot of similarities and it's neat because we seem to share a lot of the same interest.
{Great job pairing us for the swap, Ladies!}
And guess what?
She totally lives in my area!
I've been wanting to find people who lived close by so we could exchange awesome little finds all throughout Columbus and right away I knew she had great taste.
Columbus can be a hard place to live in unless you know the right places to go.
She even recommended a new Thai restaurant that I am so excited to try!

Here a little look at my gifts-
She totally figured out what I like:

Fun little office supplies
An inspiration book
Amazing socks
A perfect mug for tea

It was so much fun getting an package in the mail for no specific reason,
It totally made my week!
And even more,
I feel like I have a new friend with impeccable taste.

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  1. We loved opening our mailboxes to see a nice little package waiting for us! So much better than bills or junk mail! :)

    We had so much fun with this! And we've loved finding new blogs. We're happy to be following yours now!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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