DIY Easy to make Beanie

I have a ton of knit shirts & sweaters that I can no longer wear thanks to the shirts being too small or  else unraveling. I was planning on eventually getting rid of them but then I found this tutorial & loved the idea of creating new beanie hats!
{Plus I haven't done a sewing project in a really long time}

All you need to start is an old sweater or knit shirt:
 Find a beanie that you want to "re-create" and use it as a pattern for the project.
{Make sure you have both sides of the shirt}
It's helpful to keep the opening of the beanie where there is already a hem established-- To be frank, it's just an easy cheat.
Cut out your pattern & sew around the edge of the material {keeping the 2 sides together & keep the bottom open}
Flip inside out once you finish sewing around the edge
{Hides stiching}
 Wear as weather permits!

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