It's that time of the week...


Shirt/Skirt/Tights/Shoes - Target
Sweater - H&M

  • All the people honking their horns behind me in traffic this week. I kept freaking out that they were honking at me to only realize that they were honking and waiving at other people. Seriously people, I would much rather you yell than freak me out with all the honking!
  • Baking sugar cookies and realizing you have no sugar.
  • Kissing D and Tank randomly nosing his way into our kissing session.
  • Empty kitchen cupboards - I just really hate grocery shopping!
  • The basic fact that Ohio cannot make up it's mind whether it's the fall or the winter. 
  • Watching How I Met Your Mother on Netflix to only come to the end of the season. Netflix, why must you be so behind on the times?! How did he meet their mother?
  • Realizing today that I have basically wore black, white, and grey all week long. I guess my wardrobe reflects the weather.
  • A profitable work week- Another successful class start!
  • Baking yummy sugar cookies once I actually bought some more sugar {You'll want to try this recipe-- I'll post it later this week!}.
  • Getting to spend time with my friend Kara this week- Thank goodness for Facebook statuses! I saw she was in the area and was able to touch base with her- I love last minute catch ups with friends!
  • Taco night at the Hopewell household- Bien!
  • The basic fact that my husband always takes the time to listen to my little rant and raves about this and that. I know it's not easy and I appreciate him for that.
  • Quiet nights in. I love my little family and the simplicity that we enjoy together. 

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1 comment:

  1. Cute outfit! I also love the line about Tank getting into you kissing session. Gunner does that...purely because he does not like when Kevin gives me more attention! Brat. lol.

    Just an FYI I'm also your NY Blogging Party partner. I emailed you last night and I wanted to make sure you got it :) My internet has been weird and I'm nervous it went out before the actual message sent!

    Happy Friday!


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