A Look Back on 12 before 2012

Before 2012 occurred,
We decided to celebrate our last few days in Florida with a bang!
The night before New Year's Eve, we compiled a list of 12 things we hoped to achieve before 2012,
And with a few minor corrections, we completed the list!
Here's what we accomplished:
{but not in listed order}
1. See the sunrise with a cup of coffee {Great way to welcome in the end of 2011-- ran out of time to make coffee}
2. Find Sea Glass
3. Tropical Smoothie and Hobe Sound Deli {Didn't get to go to Tropical Smoothie, but Hobe Sound Deli was a MUST- One of my top favorite Delis}

 4. Use the Boogie Board and the Kayak

5. Bury each other in the sand.

6. Shoot Guns

7. Go on a Bike Ride

8. Ride the motorcycle
9. Twisty Treat Get Yummy Ice Cream {Twisty Treat was closed}
10. Go Swimming in the ocean at night {This was the best shot I could get at night. We didn't really end up swimming more like toe wetting. But I kind of did end up swimming because D chased me into the water.}
11. Sparklers and Fireworks

12. Ride to Worth Avenue 2011 Self-Evaluation- We sat around the fire and all shared our most memorable memories of 2011 and something 2011 taught us. I think it was of my most favorite moments of the day. I love looking back and reflecting on things we've learned.

It was an amazing day-
Such a great way to end 2011!

Here's a photo of us "napping" at 11 o'clock that night;
Don't worry,
We were still awake by ll30 to ring in the new year!

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