Welcome to the new year!

I was planning on posting our list of things completed before 2012, however, we decided to leave tonight instead of tomorrow from Florida. So instead, I'm doing a little blogging via iPhone.

I love the idea of a new year. I love the opportunity to reflect and refocus. I really believe its our way of refueling and reconfiguring our lives. Ever year we feel we have the chance to start over with a new slate and a great outlook for the year to come. We make list of things we wish to change in our lives and things we want to accomplish. We select resolutions we are determined to live by... And most of the time we fail at them. But I think it's the beauty of things, at least we are striving to change and improve, at least we're seeking to become better and more lovely. If anyone will be truthful, we know change isn't done overnight, it's a process; and if we're at least willing to try, to attempt change, we are working towards that first step.

So this year, let's not just make that first step, but also take those leaps and bounds! Let's not hold back on the things that we hold potential to our community; let's be world changers! Let's show others that there is still beautiful and lovely things in this world. Let's make 2012 great!

Here's my resolutions:
- Learn to better budget; to be a good servant of my money. To do good with what I have.
- Save towards our future RV trip.
-To take care of myself not just physically but also mentally and emotionally.
- To truly embrace simplicity and the beauty of silence.
- To venture more outside my comforts and securities, to take risks more often!
- To continually seek ways to love my husband; to love him more everyday.
- To be a better daughter, sister, and granddaughter.
- To be a better friend.
- To love Abba in ways I never have before.
- To find good and beauty in each day I am given.

Happy first day of this wonderful new year, friends! Please feel free to share some of your resolutions :)

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