It's a Leap Year!

What a funny, weird, little leaper day it has been. I swear, nothing wanted to work in my favor today making for a rather crazy sort of Wednesday. The craziness included trying to make it home tonight and coming across a major accident on the way. Because of the accident, I was blocked into the city and no matter what way I attempted to go I kept coming back to the accident intersection. I think at one point as I tried to route my way through back roads, I swore I must be on an episode of the Twilight Zone. You know, like an episode where you try to leave a place and you simply end up where you started... and then you die. (I think I may have been going slightly insane by this point)
At least there was pizza to look forward to once I finally arrive home...and Lost...Lost is always a plus to a crummy day.

Did I also mention the fact that I'm doing a 10K next weekend with my mom? I haven't really trained since my marathon and well, I'm horribly out of shape. 
Oh well,
I'm ready to get back in the game:

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  1. What are you doing for training? And just ask Meg about our not so luck leap year day...whatever it's called. Can't wait to see you Saturday!!!

    1. Oh gosh, I don't even know. My usual training starts with 3-4 miles every other day then building up as I go. When I typically get to my long miles I start intervals of running short-mid-long-mid-long-short-mid-etc. But I only have a little over a week! EEP!


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