Family Night

It's family night at the Hopewell household,
that means we ate lots of leftovers and hot chocolate.

Tonight we got a call from the animal shelter that they had found our dog.
The problem was, both our dogs were at home safe and sound.
[though D did freak out a lot when he first got the call]
What had happened is the day I was suppose to leave for Indiana I found a darling little dog in my garage. The only issue with that was that I couldn't do anything about it; I was literally about to leave my home for Indiana, D was gone all evening and leaving for Indiana early the next morning, and the pups were already at their puppy boarding place. I didn't want to just leave the pup to wander the streets of Columbus and possibly get hit by a car, so I took him to the dog shelter in the area and told them if no one picked him up, to give me a call. (I just couldn't bear to leave him alone there) Well today they called and it appears no one has picked him up yet, which makes me really sad because there has been no one there to look for him. It breaks my heart. So D and I talked with the lady at the shelter about fostering the pup until a.) we find the owners or b.) we find the pup a new home. There's only one other problem. The dog has a microchip but the owners never registered it, so the shelter is now having to backtrack over years of numbers and documents to see if they can find the pup's owners. 
So sometime next week, D and I might be foster parents...funny, I always wanted to be a foster parent. I just thought it would be a more human like child instead of a new little fluff ball.

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